TrueNAS Scale Release


Dataedge has been proud to use open systems technology both internally as well as for our client solutions and we want to pass along that our long-time partner iXsystems announced the availability of the second release of TrueNAS SCALE 22.02.0 for scale-out storage and open hyperconvergence. TrueNAS SCALE now offers High Availability and support for SMB clustering. This release is complemented by new functionality in True Command which provides wizards for creating SMB clusters. Built on Linux, TrueNAS SCALE supports Docker Containers, Kubernetes, KVM, and Scale-out OpenZFS with Open Source economics.

This second major update to TrueNAS SCALE “Angelfish” has been tested by more than 20,000 users in the four months since its release. This update adds high availability on TrueNAS M-Series systems for scale-out storage, VM, and Container workloads. If a storage controller fails or is taken down for maintenance, the other controller can reliably provide all services.

TrueNAS SCALE offers SMB, Gluster, and NFS File Sharing, iSCSI Block Storage, S3 Object API integration, and Cloud Sync for interoperability with public cloud storage. With the addition of SMB clustering, clients can connect to the cluster via any SMB node across the cluster for access to hundreds of petabytes of capacity and terabits of bandwidth per second. TrueNAS SCALE can be installed to run on a single node and then scale out to multiple clustered nodes, as needs change.

“We have seen widespread adoption by Linux admins and have received great feedback as TrueNAS SCALE matures,” said Kris Moore, SVP of Engineering, iXsystems. “With the addition of capabilities that are interesting to both personal and IT use cases, we look forward to seeing momentum build further among Open Source users and Enterprise customers.”

For the last 20+ years, Dataedge has been designing and implementing solutions for our client’s IT related business problems.  We embraced open-source technologies for our own environment and have used that experience and understanding to provide the same secure and resilient solutions for our clients.

Our partner iX is an Open Source pioneer and the company behind TrueNAS, the world’s most deployed storage software. Used by millions, TrueNAS has laid the foundation for the Open Storage Era so that all organizations can access the benefits of true Data Freedom. TrueNAS enables users to harness the power of the legendary ZFS file system and provides unified and hyperconverged storage for private and cloud datacenters, with the reliability and performance demanded by virtualization, backup, and other data-intensive workloads. Thousands of organizations around the world have chosen TrueNAS Enterprise systems and support from iX to scale-up or scale-out their infrastructure while leveraging Open Source economics.


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