Network, Server, Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure

Dataedge designs network, server, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure for all types and sizes of organizations.

We provide you the robust, secure, accessible infrastructure your organization needs, while reducing IT support burden, and enabling technical innovation. 

Make Your Infrastructure Your Biggest Asset

As an IT Manager you have a lot of things to worry about. There are the ever-present tasks of finding and retaining IT talent, supporting projects and users, deciding on whether to continue support for, replace, or modernize legacy applications, maintaining availability for internal and customer facing apps, and securing all of it.

66% of business leaders think their companies need to speed up their digital transformation or face losing ground to competitors, and 46% of IT managers are worried about ensuring IT can support fast changing business needs.”


navigating change

How do you adapt to the next change when you feel like you’re constantly playing catch up with technology?

Digital natives, Generation Z, expect to be able to use the technology they prefer, and want enriched and assisted experiences that are configurable, flexible, and match those offered by public apps and on social networks, going beyond Bring Your Own Device and creating a demand for full featured capability that is securely available from anywhere, at all times.

Adapt to change

Dataedge designs network, server, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure to optimize your operations

We don’t come with a pre-packaged solution to sell you. We listen first and solve second. We work with you to understand your organization’s unique needs, goals, and environment. We then design and implement security, infrastructure, server, application, data storage, and hybrid solutions that balance the needs of digital transformation, while caring for critical legacy workloads–letting you choose hardware, applications, and services from our best-in-class technology partners.

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