Unique Requirements

Medical and Research Imaging.
Video Surveillance.
Large unstructured file counts.


These applications create unique storage challenges and choosing the right data management solution matters.

  • How do you keep storage costs down when you’re required to retain data longer?
  • How do you archive data affordably while still being able to retrieve that data quickly?
  • How can you ensure your data is protected without adding huge costs for redundancy?


Data storage and management has always been a challenge and today’s applications are no exception in presenting unique requirements.  For the most demanding, Dataedge has found that Qumulo can more than overcome the difficulties presented by these environments.  Qumulo’s file system delivers fast, affordable storage that scales easily with built-in data protection and real-time analytics.

Some key points that matter for these environments:

  • Linearly scale to support higher storage capacity and performance
    • Qumulo is purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive workloads of any size. The simple-to-manage scale-out architecture gives you control to add commodity disk capacity and storage when and where you need it.  It supports billions of files, small or large, and hundreds of Petabytes.
  • Real-time insight provides data-aware intelligence
    • Administrators can use the cloud-based access to monitor real-time performance, capacity and usage of the storage solution to gain insights to immediately manage issues before they occur and efficiently make decisions for future growth.
  • Your path to the cloud
    • Qumulo software was designed from the ground up to allow you to seamlessly scale to private or hybrid cloud environments as and when needed. Licensing is fully transferable between on-prem and cloud-based platforms so that your investment in Qumulo software is usable no matter how your storage strategies evolve in the future.
  • The most efficient storage solution for video surveillance
    • Unlike traditional scale-out NAS storage, Qumulo assures the most cost-effective fail-proof data protection for small and large files with the use of erasure coding. Unlike triple mirroring used to protect data by many legacy systems, data is protected with minimal storage overhead. Plus with Qumulo, you always are able to fully utilize the capacity you pay for. Many file system solutions reserve 15% of the purchased capacity for system administrative tasks. Qumulo technology allows organizations to use 100% of the usable capacity purchased, whereas scale-out NAS solutions typically only allow 80% utilization.
  • Unsurpassed data reliability and protection
    • With Qumulo, all content is quickly and reliably ingested and stored in an environment that is fully protected from failures and data loss using erasure coding. The erasure code level used can be dialed in allowing data to be read using a percentage of fragments – typically around 60%. This delivers superior levels of availability and security protection. It is a backup-less storage solution with ability to automatically recover from hardware failures.


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