Dataedge leverages relationships and expertise across many storage partners so that we can architect a ‘best in class’ solution specific to your needs.  Whether you are considering On-Premises, Cloud, Hybrid or still trying to figure that out, we will work with you to determine your business requirements and create the best solution.

At Dataedge, we have always taken the approach that there is no single perfect solutions for all of our clients. We understand that each vendor we represent each bring their own specific characteristics and advantages as a part of their service. With this approach, we can provide our clients with best in industry services and still provide the choices they prefer. After working to understand your technical and business needs, we are able to direct you to the cloud environment that best fits your requirements.

Below are links to a few storage approaches that are common for Mid-size to Enterprise Businesses.

On Premises Storage

Cloud Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage

When you work with Dataedge, you reap the benefits of our partnerships with these world-renowned companies. Regardless the storage tier and solution you chose Dataedge will manage the project including architecting, quotations and implementation services.

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