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Is your security plan leveraging artificial intelligence?

Layers of defense has always been a foundational concept in warfare because there is no perfect, single precaution that can be taken against attackers. It must be assumed that an enemy will find your weakness and exploit it when possible, so it is necessary to have other defenses in place.  Those of us in IT have long understood this and have embraced this layered approach wherever possible.

Building a layered defense is the right design but it does create a new problem by providing so much data that it is difficult to monitor, sort and identify what needs must be acted upon.

The amount of data becomes overwhelming and is complicated by the fact that it is a 24x7x365 task.  Your security team never gets a moment off and, to complicate matters, they are in such demand that they are getting job offers at ever-increasing salaries from other companies.  It becomes difficult, and very expensive, to retain the security team that you need.

Intelligent monitoring has become the practical way to address this issue.  Tools that leverage Artificial Intelligence enable your security team to be more efficient and present a lower overall cost to your business.   These programs can sort through the mountains of data that each layer in your security architecture produces and can make decisions as fast as the processor it is running on.

AI based tools can begin by evaluating your environment against vendor software, hardware and firmware levels and identify which components need to be updated.  By monitoring the large logs that each device creates, AI will remove “noisy” entries so that your security team doesn’t have to waste time on them.  Finally, when an issue that needs mitigation is identified, AI based tools can make recommendations to your security team and base decisions on what has been learned from when this same issue has occurred other places.

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