Dataedge is leveraging TORCH.AI platform

April 14, 2022

Torch.AI, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) data processing making all data easier to use, has been selected by Dataedge Solutions to provide the firm’s more than 100 customers with advanced, military-grade data management software supporting readiness, cyber security, and business continuity solutions. Leveraging Torch.AI’s platform, Dataedge will meet the demand for detecting real-time cyber and operational risks, generating more value from their data across the enterprise.

Torch.AI’s flagship software platform, Nexus™, a next-gen data processing platform that radically simplifies how organizations extract value from data, empowers teams to drive improved business outcomes. Torch.AI equips Dataedge and its clients with a more intelligent and scalable data experience.  Adding Nexus to Dataedge’s technology catalog as a unique and differentiated product instantly allows their customer base to rapidly extract meaning from their data.

“The solutions that we are offering through Dataedge create an exciting opportunity to lead a fundamental shift in how organizations view and assess their operational readiness to drive business decisions,” says Jason Eidam, VP of Commercial Markets at Torch.AI “In an increasingly connected market, leaders must be prepared to predict, prevent, and adapt to constantly changing scenarios to protect their stakeholders from risk and drive growth. Dataedge’s impressive reputation allows us to go to market with proven experts in this field and deliver a powerful impact.”

Torch.AI’s Nexus platform creates an extensible data “mesh” built with a suite of AI-powered models, algorithms, and features that facilitate analysis and enrichment of data in-flight. Nexus makes it easy to derive value from any data without precognition—structured, unstructured, and semi-structured. It is automated by advanced machine learning that optimizes and facilitates making it easier to get value from data to drive business outcomes across all enterprise functions.

“I’ve been in this business since the late 90s and have witnessed several critical technology evolutions over the years,” stated Rob Didlake, Dataedge Founder & CEO. “Now more than ever, businesses must rely on Robust, efficient data solutions to mitigate risk, compete, and drive business growth. Torch.AI’s solutions are an impressive leap forward in AI-enabled data processing and I look forward to our continued partnership and the positive impact on our clients.”

About Torch.AI
We make data easier to use. Torch.AI’s Nexus™ platform changes the paradigm of data and digital workflows, forever solving core impediments caused by the ever-increasing volume and complexity of information. Customers enjoy a single unifying solution that begins by instantly deconstructing and describing any data, in real-time.

Purpose-built for massively scaled, ultra-high-speed data processing, the platform comes equipped with security features, flexible data workloads, compliance capabilities, and drag and drop functionality that is unrivaled in today’s technology landscape. The company’s solutions have helped to fight fraud, secure information, make better decisions of trust, evolve operational capabilities, and create better customer experiences.

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