Posted on April 23, 2020

When there’s a contagious disease outbreak, a natural disaster, or any other type of widespread emergency, IT team members may be required to work from home or at some other safe location until normal business operations can resume.

Maintaining productivity and ensuring that essential IT services continue functioning uninterrupted throughout the emergency period can be challenging for both IT leaders and staff. Here are seven tips that can help you keep key operations and activities humming along even during the worst of times.

In a recent article, lays out 7 secrets of making sure your new remote teams are successful. These 7 secrets include:

  1. Get organized
  2. Select a strong leader
  3. Create a functional strategy
  4. Build tight coordination
  5. Use a common collaboration platform
  6. Don’t neglect security
  7. Optimize communication

Get all the details about these 7 secrets and read the full article at


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