Next Generation Backup and Recovery Solution

Dataedge has partnered with Rubrik to help our clients achieve
data control, drive business resiliency, cloud mobility and regulatory compliance.

Modernize Backup and Recovery

Dataedge will help you...


Automate management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with one programmatic interface.
Recover rapidly with near-zero RTOs and RPOs.  Transform data into cloud-ready assets.
Safeguard against ransomeware with end-to-end encryption, immutable backups and access control.
REST API integrates into your stack to accelerate service delivery.



Dataedge Experience in Data Protection
0 Years

Dataedge been working with our clients to help protect their business and data for 21 years now.  We have worked with every backup product that has existed in that time frame, and we know what value a modern tool like Rubrik means to your business. 

Mitigate Risk

Security and Compliancy

Rubrik offers the only solution with immutable backups. Discover files that have been altered due to ransomware and restore them with one click.

Discover sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) hiding in your unstructured data. Automate sensitive data classification for compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and more!

Legacy is not fit for the future

Legacy products can be Complex, Slow and Expensive. Downtime today means much more than it did in the past, affecting not only your business processes but also customer satisfaction and business reputation.  At the same time, there is more data than ever that needs to be managed and protected. A challenge that legacy solutions aren’t equipped to handle.

Fast-track to cloud.

We help mobilize your data to the cloud, accelerating your move away from on-premises infrastructure. We also make it easy to archive to the cloud for lower cost long term storage, all while ensuring your cloud-native apps are protected.

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