Disaster recovery products are now to the point where every size of business can afford it.

You no longer have to depend upon lengthy restore processes, in fact, for most situations, your systems can cost-effectively be up in minutes with ease.

At Dataedge we have years of experience in designing and implementing both the procedures and products that will keep your business running.

We have found that when your DR Program is built around the critical needs of the business, and each business group is involved in the DR decisions, everyone becomes more committed to the shared goal of protecting the organization and its mission through an effective DR Program.

Before we talk about any specific products or technologies, we need to understand your business requirements and goals. To accomplish this, we have developed three key services to assist both of us in determining where you are at and where you need to be: Business Impact Analysis, Plan Development, and Healthcheck.

Business Impact Analysis

Does your Executive Leadership understand that there is no magic failover switch? Dataedge starts with a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) but goes further to document your current IT recovery Service Level Agreements to ensure mutual understanding is the heart of an effective Disaster Recovery Program. Our BIA lays the foundation for your DR Program’s success by placing the responsibility for Disaster Recovery where it belongs—with your company’s Business Leadership. We then work with both your IT and Business Leadership to accomplish the following:

• Identify objectives
• Develop SLAs
• Uncover gaps
• Present to Leadership

The bottom line: Dataedge’s exclusive DR planning methodology, build on highly time-efficient workshops and Microsoft Office-based tools and templates, transforms complex Disaster Recovery planning into a highly manageable process—while helping you to secure the buy-in and support that you need from Business Leadership.