Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

You’re probably familiar with the risks; natural disasters, terrorism, cyber attacks and ransomware.

What is your plan when your organization gets hit?

You Need More Than Technology, You Need a Plan

The consequences of a cyber attack are loss of data, loss of brand reputation, loss of customer goodwill, loss of productivity, and lots of money.

Percent of organizations that have experienced malware, malicious code, or botnets
Percent of US companies that were affected in some way by ransomware in the last year
$ 0 T
Ransomware costs are predicted to cost $10.5 Trillion by 2025
Downtime is by far the most costly issue, and, in a ransomware attack, there’s no guarantee of a quick resolution even if the ransom is paid.

Downtime is too costly to ignore.

The City of Atlanta was shut down for 5 days after an attack took down 8,000 computers. Even after the ransom was paid, it took weeks to resume normal operations.

Here are some more alarming stats.

Dataedge helps you develop the right plan

To avoid disruption you need the right network and server infrastructure, data storage, and backup and restore, but you also need a plan. In fact, the biggest problems with effective recovery from a disaster and resuming normal business operations come back to problems with the plan:

Ensure Business Continuity with A Business Impact Analysis and Risk Analysis

The two core components of a disaster recovery, business continuity plan are the Business Impact Analysis, and the Risk Analysis. We work with your management and IT team to create the Business Impact Analysis that identifies your organization’s critical business functions, as well as the systems, applications, data, and other assets these functions require. We then apply our knowledge and experience designing cyber security solutions to create a disaster recovery plan that will help ensure business continuity in the event the worst happens.

Once in place we can help you design, implement, and optimize your network and server infrastructure, data storage and your backup and restore solution.

Business Impact and Risk Analysis

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