vision-pic-300x142“I can take a deep breath. Never again will I see my client’s digital life flash before my eyes as their Web apps and associated data blow up in a hard drive failure.  It has happened too many times, but never again. I think of Dataedge as a guardrail between my data and the edge of the cliff. The solution is so easy – it can be as set-it-and-forget-it or as hands-on as I like.  There were a number of choices that I could have made for my online backup solution, but with my client’s data at stake, I needed complete confidence in my backup provider.  Dataedge has my confidence.”
Preston Bowman
President, Stone Creek Consulting

“Just a quick note to say “Thank You” for providing me with a great service. In virtually every business today, the most critical component in their operation is information…that is typically on a computer or server.

As you know I own and operate a Financial Services practice that specializes in financial planning, investments and insurance. All of my client data is electronic and backed up by Dataedge. There is personal information with my client files that I need to have at my fingertips. This is because of the many regulatory requirements related to the securities industry and my supervising organization, Woodbury Financial Services.

Our compliance department conducted an internal audit at my office and reviewed all my books and records, client files and more items than I can begin to tell you about. Everything was perfect, but I was unable to find one small part of a client file.  I am nervous! Dataedge to the rescue! It was on one of multiple data backups on the system you set up for me. I passed my audit with flying colors because you were able to help me access what I needed when I needed it the most.

My business is small compared to many of your clients, but you made my problem important to you and provided me with the solution that solved my very immediate challenge in short order.

I tell everyone I can about your great service!”
Ernie Collyer
Collyer & Associates

“We have been using the back-up system provided by Dataedge for a few months. Setting up the process was very simple and quickly completed. The back-up system is the easiest one I have ever used at a great price for small business owners. Rob Didlake has provided outstanding follow-up service for  our business. I would recommend Rob and Dataedge to any business owner who wants to protect their important data – as we all should!”
Cartridge Depot and DocInk

Dataedge has been a real lifesaver for my company. We have a lot of sensitive information and no formal way to store it should there be a system failure. Thank you for calling on me! We have had three complete system meltdowns and because of Dataedge, we experience minimal downtime and lost 0% of our data. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that has a computer!”
Very Large Financial Services Company

“We started working with Rob and Dataedge about a year ago. We had a major TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) upgrade we were in the process of doing. We were looking to expand our tape library and that’s when the people at STORServer pointed us to Rob. We bought a library from Dataedge and they worked with us through the install process. We got it up and running and have been using it successfully since then. It has simplified our management tasks greatly and also increased our data storage space also. We’ve had a lot of good experience with Dataedge. You know a lot of companies will call you about something and be upset if you don’t buy what they’re selling or they don’t want to listen to a customer who may not have the same ideas as them. One of the best things about working Dataedge is that when we make suggestions about a certain piece of hardware we don’t get any flack. Rob will go the extra mile to get what we need to provide the specific solution we’re looking for.”
Young Life

“Dataedge is our first call whenever we need software or hardware solutions. They understand our business and provide good solutions to help us run our business.”
Westar Energy

“Rob Didlake is fantastic to work with. He is easy to reach and always very responsive to all my questions and concerns. I’m confident in his ability to handle anything I throw at him, and I can’t say that about anyone else!”
S3 Solutions, LLC

“We always give Dataedge that first call. As the technical coordinator of the EMS, Emergency Management Systems, I have workstations throughout the State of Kansas. They are the eyes that monitor our transmission, generation and distribution system for our operators. They’re in high visibility and are needed continuously, 24/7. We needed a great, reliable computer system. I’ve known Rob Didlake from his days at DEC (Digital Equipment Corp). He has the background that we rely on. We had many different systems we did backup on and we needed one system. Dataedge had the solution we needed.”
Technical Coordinator
Westar Energy

“We currently have a contract with Dataedge Solutions for all of our Tivoli needs for both hardware and software. Whenever we need something they’re a phone call away and we usually have an answer that day or the next. They do absolutely phenomenal on bids and in getting us the information we need when we need it. The TSM support is also phenomenal. Prior to Tivoli we were using VERITAS Backup Exec doing the normal, once-a-month volume backups with our incrementals for 20 days. Our backups were taking 29 hours on our shutdown Sunday for volumes, which meant we had to be here for 29 hours to change tapes. With the purchase of Tivoli, we’re doing incrementals everyday, which takes approximately an hour a day to rotate tapes out. Everything is automated. There is no more staying here day and night. Since upgrading we now have all of our tape pools online. We don’t have to swap tapes in and out. I currently use the STORServer interface to manage my tape library. It automatically puts my tape pools back to scratch when they have expired. It automatically tells me when my copy pools need to be returned. It has a GUI interface that allows me to check tapes in and out much quicker than it would at the TSM prompt. And the disaster recovery makes my life a lot easier .I do feel if anyone is interested in the Tivoli Storage Manager and the STORServer Backup Appliance, Dataedge is an excellent choice for hardware and support. Backups and restores are fabulous. Support is phenomenal. I’ve never worked with a company like yours. For two weeks after the installation, you checked every day to make sure everything was working right. When I have a support question, I know that with just one call, I’ll always get an e-mail or phone call back with the answer.”
Distributed System Analyst Specialist
National Defense Contractor

“We’ve used Dataedge in three different companies. I’ve known Rob through three different jobs that I’ve had and we have utilized him in all three. He’s always been very helpful. He stays there and works right with you all the way through a problem. With Dataedge we know if we have a question or if we need help, we can always call. They’re real good about giving us timely quotes and providing solutions. If someone were getting ready to pick a company to work with on a storage solution, I’d say Dataedge would be a good choice.”
Lead Project Manager

“We’ve had a long working relationship with Rob Didlake. We use Dataedge quite a bit. Whenever we’re looking for a particular solution we know we can rely on Dataedge, especially when we’re in a crunch. On many occasions they’ve come out and gone the extra mile to help us make sure we got things done right. We really appreciate that. If you’re looking for someone that is really going to take care of you, not somebody that’s going to project manage this to the “nth degree”, want that sign-off on the bottom line and then they’re out of there. If you want somebody that’s going to work with you and will be more flexible, then I’d go with Dataedge.”
City of Wichita

“I have the new STORServer Manager installed… WOW! This is a major improvement over the old one. I love the way it tracks and displays the pertinent data. Good job to the programmer!”
Major Aerospace Company

“It is important that we have a reliable partner with the talent needed to diagnose and solve some of the more complex problems. I have found Dataedge response times and technical expertise to be world class. My job would be much easier if there were more companies out there with the attention to detail and customer service that I have received from the Dataedge team.”

“The entire environment is much more reliable and stable. It lets us delegate more tasks from senior administrators to junior administrators. Whenever I have a question, they reply faster than IBM would, even when I’ve had issues that took 20 minutes on the phone. Also, the training was very good. Overall, it’s all been very good. We had an NL530 backup appliance, but because our environment grew so big, we changed to a STORServer manager and a DL 60 compact server. We like the ease of functionality – you don’t have to write specific scripts. Operator interface error reporting is an easy way to see if something failed. We also like the failed interface and vault retrieval features.”
Big Lots

“I can run a common backup system against different OS’s. I can backup Windows, Novell, Macintosh, Unix. Before we got STORServer about five years ago, I had to have different systems for each platform.  I like the centralized management.”
University of Colorado Denver

“After trying several different back-up and disaster recovery solutions, both internal and external, Dataedge has simplified and solved all the issues we have seen previously with other providers. Backups are quick, efficient and for the first time, our company feels more secure in protecting our data from disaster. The interface is easy to use, their support has been beyond excellent and they have excelled at simplifying a process that use to be a nightmare to maintain.”
Attorney at Law, P.A.
Topeka, Kansas

“The whole reason we bought our backup appliance was to save us time and money, and it’s done both. In the past, we had separate tape drives or manual backup. Now we don’t have to mess with multiple systems. We back up multiple Unix and PC servers. It’s automatic; it’s one-step back up for 90 percent of what we need to back up.”
Westar Energy