STORServer Backup ApplianceSTORServer and Dataedge have been working together since 1999.  It’s a great relationship that benefits our clients by helping them implement a turn-key Enterprise Appliance in days and also allowing them to scale as they grow!


STORServer Backup Appliances are powered by one of the two enterprise backup software companies. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) or Commvault you chose what is best for your enterprise. 

Both appliances scale very nicely from 5TB to multiple Petabytes and fit well in the Enterprise as well as the mid-market data centers.

Three basic sizing questions we ask all our clients and prospects when sizing a new Backup Appliance:
1. How much data do you need to backup?
2. What is your daily change rate?
3. How long you need to keep it?

The STORServer backup appliance supports all operating systems and databases.   See diagram below:


There are two advantages of purchasing a STORServer Backup Appliance.

1. Time to implement the Appliance into your environment is minimal.
2. One call support for all hardware and software services is a plus!

To implement the STORServer Backup Appliance only takes 2-3 days in most environments.

Simplifying Backup video by CEO Bill Smoldt

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When you are ready to explore what it would be like to solve your backup and recovery issues once and for all please contact us. We will work with you to size your Backup Appliance, quote, purchase, implement, training and support you over time.   Start the process by contacting dataedge today.  <Contact>


“The whole reason we bought our backup appliance was to save us time and money, and it’s done both. In the past, we had separate tape drives or manual backup. Now we don’t have to mess with multiple systems. We back up multiple Unix and PC servers. It’s automatic; it’s one-step back up for 90 percent of what we need to back up.”
Westar Energy