cloud_icon_hand_290X230Dataedge has been providing Enterprise Cloud Backup Services for our Clients and Resellers since 2003.

What is Cloud Backup is a common question? It’s the strategy of backing up your data and moving the data securely over the Internet to a remote location.

We have two types of clients who take advantage of our Cloud Backup Services:

    1. Clients who are not IT savvy nor want to be experts in protecting critical business data.

    2. Clients who want to free up their time to focus on other IT functions of the business.

Our ideal client has over 250GB of data to protect. We have larger clients we support with over 100TB’s and 10 or more locations. The industry does not matter to us “data is data” we have Medical, Legal, Accounting, Manufacturing, Education, Travel, Construction, etc.

We look forward to learning more about your backup needs and will provide you with a demo and estimate for protecting it. Please contact us today and get started.

More on our cloud backup services:  It’s our mindset that your data must always be available to you and always have the right data protected. We treat your data like it was our own by immediately replicating it to a secondary data center, constantly running data scrubbers and integrity checkers and providing full product support (all O/S, applications, databases, email and mobile device) so that you have one place to support your entire environment.

The backup service is totally managed and includes everything you need to have confidence that your data will always be recoverable. We do not charge extra for backup software, restores, bandwidth, software upgrades, initial backups or support. We only charge is for the number of GB’s we protect for you.

When providing any web service data security is an important component and we take it very seriously. AES 256 encryption is used during data transfer and also at rest at our two tier 3 data centers.

Dataedge Cloud Backup features:

  • Managed Services – when your backup does not run we call you.
  • User interface is user-friendly – create your own backups and do your own restores
  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Data is backed up and stored at two locations
  • Local backup and restore options for fastest restores
  • Local -Only options for less critical company data – most common use case is Student data
  • Initial backup export and import is available – used when clients bandwidth is slow
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) – web access for easy reporting and monitoring
  • Support for Windows, Unix, Mac operating systems
  • Database support for all major databases
  • Exchange message level recovery is supported
  • WAN-efficient data transport
  • Daily reporting and custom reporting available
  • Laptop data protection options
  • VMware support yes -New options for recovering VMware systems ASK US HOW!
  • Disaster Recovery options to the Cloud

Enabling Technology.  Dataedge has been in business and focused on data backup since 1999 – even before that, we have had many years of experience in this area. We know the all of the backup software vendors in the industry very well and we chose Asigra.  Why Asigra?  Security, WAN Efficiency, Data Integrity and wide O/S and Application support – we feel that no one does it better and we have been using Asigra as the enabling technology in the Dataedge cloud backup since 2003.

POWERED BY AsigraDataedge is a premier Asigra cloud backup partner.  Our Cloud Backup Service is powered by Asigra Software and we also design, implement and support our Enterprise clients with the same Asigra software.

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Client Comments
“I can take a deep breath.  Never again will I see my client’s digital life flash before my eyes as their Web apps and associated data blow up in a hard drive failure.  It has happened too many times, but never again.  I think of Dataedge as a guardrail between my data and the edge of the cliff.  The solution is so easy – it can be as set-it-and-forget-it or as hands-on as I like.  There were a number of choices that I could have made for my online backup solution, but with my client’s data at stake, I needed complete confidence in my backup provider.  Dataedge has my confidence.”
Preston Bowman
President, Stone Creek Consulting

Contact us for more details and pricing regarding our Cloud Backup services.