Do you remember the last solution you purchased, and did it meet your expectations?

Many of our competitors do NOT take the time to understand applications that are critical to running your business.  This is because many are product pushers with one goal in mind, to sell you what they have to sell.

The benefit in working with Dataedge is we are vendor neutral and will not push a product on you. It’s important to build our relationship first, by asking questions and understanding what you want to accomplish, then we can identify the needs before recommending any solutions. This way you receive actually what you need.

Another advantage of working with Dataedge is we work with many software and hardware manufacturers who specialize in data storage, backup, archiving solutions.  There are many of course and we can not work with them all, however, we have identified key manufacturers that are reseller and client friendly, plus provide awesome support to us and our clients.

We have many successful installations we are servicing across the U.S. and Canada today in a variety of industries.  The majority of our clients are Mid-size to Enterprise businesses that were looking to improve their IT Infrastructure or needing to refresh their storage or backup solutions. Others are looking for a partner who can help them evaluate if a cloud solution is right for them.

Whatever the scenario, Dataedge is up for the challenge and will work like an extension of your team.  The end result is your business receives the best technology, implementation and have us to support you over time.

Next is to identify a project we can work on together!   We will recommend ways to improve it either through process and/or technology.

Quick links to our solutions – Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, Cloud Computing, Data Storage, Business Continuity, Hybrid Cloud Computing, Backup and Restore, and Networking

Client Comment

“After trying several different back-ups and disaster recovery solutions, both internal and external, Dataedge has simplified and solved all the issues we have seen previously with other providers. Backups are quick, efficient and for the first time, our company feels more secure in protecting our data from disaster. The interface is easy to use, their support has been beyond excellent and they have excelled at simplifying a process that used to be a nightmare to maintain.”
Attorney at Law, P.A.
Topeka, Kansas