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We recently published Disaster & Data Recovery Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Storage to our blog. Another well-known and highly sought-after benefit of hybrid cloud storage is its ability to scale up and down with the organization it serves.

No matter the company or industry, growth and expansion are always an opportunity for celebration. Organizations that are adding employees, goods, services or customers to their repertoire are oftentimes unsure of how to efficiently and affordably expand their technology hierarchy. Elasticity can, and should, be translated to the way information and files are stored and retrieved.

Support Future Growth

The scaling of an on-premises data infrastructure is an expensive feat that must be repeated every three to five years.  Accurate growth predictions are vital to justify the overhead and ensure the scaling will be cost effective. Hybrid cloud hosting lessens the burden of expense while eliminating the need for meticulously accurate growth predictions. Companies can scale up or down to meet demands in traffic and data storage as they deem necessary.

One Datapipe study found that 35% of organizations with fewer than 20 employees reported that tangible benefits of using cloud service included a reduction in capital expenditure and an improved cash flow

When asked why they adopted cloud-based services, 76% of respondents from the same Datapipe survey cited scalability.

Fewer Boundaries

Organizations seek the large-scalability benefits of a company-specific strategy. Sensitive workloads can be moved to private servers while less-sensitive workloads such as applications, email, CRM, human resources and accounting can be hosted on a public server. Hosting with hybrid cloud storage is flexible and can be altered to accommodate to a business’s needs and budget.

Since 1999, we at Dataedge have been growing with companies as they scale up their businesses and storage solutions. Scalability is just one of the many benefits of implementing hybrid cloud storage into your company’s storage solutions. In our newest e-book, 7 Reasons to Consider Hybrid Cloud Storage, you’ll find other important benefits of converting to the hybrid cloud.


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