nimble storage resellerDataedge has been a Nimble Storage Authorized Reseller since 2011. We have many clients who benefit from the technology and what we hear often is “Nimble Storage just works, and it’s simple to use!”

Nimble Storage is a software company who has created a file system called Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture.  The software enables Nimble Storage to deliver a High-Performance Hybrid Storage Array leveraging the performance of Flash and SSD drives with higher capacity drives to keep the solution cost-effective.
nimble authorized

Being an Authorized Nimble Reseller provides a few benefits to our clients:
– Help you select the right model of Nimble Storage for your environment
– Help with quoting and purchasing
– Implementing the Nimble Array into your infrastructure
– Knowledge transfer and training
– Updates on new features and education opportunities

Nimble Storage has Adaptive and All Flash options! 


ADAPTIVE FLASH ARRAY Providing performance and capacity

CS1000H and CS1000 Series is ideal for midsize IT organizations or distributed sites of larger organizations, supporting workloads such as Microsoft applications, VDI, or virtual server consolidation.

CS3000 Series deliver higher performance and is ideal for larger-scale deployments or I/O-intensive workloads, such as larger-scale VDI or transaction processing supported by Oracle or SQL Server.

CS5000 Series offers advanced performance for Larger-scale deployments or IO-intensive workloads.  Large VDI and Oracle or SQL Server Databases.

CS7000 Series is designed for consolidating multiple large-scale critical applications with aggressive performance demands.

ALL FLASH ARRAY provides the highest performance!

AF1000 Series is our entry model starting at 6TB’s and 40,000 IOPS

AF3000 Series is 60,000 IOPS

AF5000 Series is 140,000 IOPS

AF7000 Series is 270,000 IOPS

AF9000 Series is 350,000 IOPS



We look forward to learning more about your storage needs and helping you purchase the right Nimble Storage for your company.

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