happy manCompany Background
A healthcare provider that specializes in OB/GYN care, advanced obstetric and gynecologic services. The provider has 7 doctors that utilize the technology everyday and requires systems and services that are highly reliable.

Why were you looking for Managed IT services?
We were ready for a more automated backup and disaster recovery solution. We had been using a disk to tape solution that worked pretty well but we liked cloud backup much better. Not having to manage tapes is a huge plus and our data is more secure now!

What is your company environment like?
We have a single location with about 10 Windows servers, including Microsoft SQL databases and file data. We have several Windows desktops and laptops that we protect as well.

Why did you choose Asigra?
Actually Dataedge, our current service provider suggested we look at a cloud backup solution. They installed the backup client software on a demo system and we did test backups and restores for a couple weeks. It worked great so we signed up!

What were your results?
• Solution was implemented quickly and works with all our applications.
• No more tapes to manage.
• Our backups transfer offsite everyday.
• Reporting is nice and it keeps us informed on backups that fail, complete, etc.
• Little management is required, which is awesome!

How did you Recover Your Cool?
We get about 10 to 15 minutes back per day utilizing the cloud backup solution. In addition we get backups done everyday even on weekends and holidays and considering we rarely took tapes offsite for disaster recovery, now we’re doing a much better job!

Link to case study on the Asigra website: http://www.asigra.com/sites/default/files/case_studies/Dataedge_CaseStudy3_0.pdf