Cloud storage has been around for years but has hit a tipping point of acceptance and now everyone is trying to figure out how it can play a role in their storage (and computing) needs.  While curious, most are also feeling some trepidation due to some many offerings, varying pricing models and features that change from vendor to vendor.

Historically, every three to five years, the administrator, and management of an organization got together to determine what type, and how much, new storage to purchase.  The difficulty was not only in estimating how much growth would occur but to choose a vendor and model that offered the desired features and performance.  Then began the budgeting of a large capital expenditure, administrative training, room preparation, installation and finally back to the day to day of storage administration.  Three to five more years?  Repeat.

Cloud storage is not a panacea that will resolve all the above, but it does offer intriguing features that may be of interest.  It is clearly becoming more prevalent but is often implemented differently than what we have done with an on-premises disk as it tends to be both driven and managed by applications rather than just allocating a large pool to hold data. This may mean that data is physically held different places with differing access methods that best fit the application requirements.

Some Cloud Storage Benefits:

  • Predictability, Stability
  • Opex structured rather than Capex
  • Only pay for what is used rather than having to project storage requirements out 2-3 years and go through a new procurement, implantation cycle
  • Reduces administrative and environmental costs
  • Typically experience higher uptimes than on-prem
  • More layers of protection are put around it that are found in on-prem storage, typically has better security than on-prem storage


  • Network attached means less control, at least in the mindset of some
  • More susceptible to outages that affect internet
  • Speed
  • Data extraction

While the above concerns are valid, they can all be turned into a benefit if architected correctly. Dataedge will work with you to evaluate your specific business requirements and assist in determining the best design.

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