The benefits of Cloud computing are enticing; no physical space for systems, less power and air conditioning expenditures, flexible capacity.

For many, just not having to go through the hardware upgrades every three to five years is reason enough to consider moving operations to the Cloud.

There is no question that Cloud Computing has become the next “big thing” in the IT world. On one hand, it seems straight-forward, running your applications on someone else’s virtual systems, but in the back of your mind, you know it is never that simple. What about performance, security, and maintenance? How do you get your data to the cloud servers and more importantly, how do you get it back if you need to?

Not surprisingly, the answers to these questions are unique to each environment. Just as your business has its distinct characteristics, so does each cloud provider. That’s why Dataedge represents more than one Cloud hosting service – because we know that one size does not fit all.

When working with you to evaluate switching your operations to the Cloud, we first listen to you and understand your specific business requirements. How your employees will access the systems, how to ensure the desired performance and security as well as Disaster Recovery planning? We then show you which Cloud Provider(s) best match up with your needs and detail initial and ongoing costs.

Migration of data and cut-over operations is key and can only be accomplished by working together to understand how your applications interact and identify all dependencies. Dataedge will bring together an experienced migration team to ensure a smooth transition. Finally, ongoing support will be available when you need it.