04 Dec

Company Background A healthcare provider that specializes in OB/GYN care, advanced obstetric and gynecologic services. The provider has 7 doctors that […]

13 Aug

This resulted in an annual administrative overhead cost of $98,423 being reduced to $14,060 – a net difference of $84,363 per year!

10 Jul

This article summarizes the benefits and efficiencies that Asigra software offers when using across a wide area network.

09 Jul

To protect such a large distributed structure we first looked at how we could use the WAN to our benefit.

09 Jul

Dataedge was honored with an award from Asigra for “The Most Outstanding Private Cloud Backup and Recovery Implementation”. Press releases don’t go into much detail and never really convey the time and hard work that go into the implementation and I thought it would be good to provide a little more detail in this blog