Does your Executive Leadership understand that there is no magic failover switch?

Dataedge starts with a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) but goes further to document your current IT recovery Service Level Agreements to ensure that the organizational mission is the heart of an effective Business Continuity Program. Our BIA lays the foundation for your program’s success by placing the responsibility for Business Continuity where it belongs—with your company’s Business Leadership. We then work with both your IT and Business Leadership to accomplish the following:

Identify Objectives

In undertaking a Business Impact Analysis, we first interview your company’s business team to identify their objectives, assisting them in defining the essential recovery goals for protecting the financial and operational viability of your company.

Develop SLAs

Next, we work with your IT staff to develop realistic Recovery Services Level Agreements (SLAs), walking you through a user-friendly workbook that considers hidden obstacles, time-consuming tasks, and intricate network interdependencies.

Uncover Gaps

Once we gather this data, we analyze it to uncover any gaps between the identified business requirements and your proposed IT service levels. Then we review these gaps with your business team to gauge the gaps’ severity and potential impact.

Present to Leadership

Finally, we assemble all the above into a simple, visually compelling, and easy-to-understand presentation that recaps the BIA’s findings and recommendations in a way that makes your proposed Business Continuity Program as persuasive, even indispensable as possible.

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Business Impact Analysis from Dataedge includes exclusive Business Continuity Planning Methodology, builds on highly time-efficient workshops and Microsoft Office-based tools and templates. It will transform a complex Business Continuity plan into a highly manageable process while helping you to secure the buy-in and support that you need from Business Leadership.