Big Data Archive and Backup

The picture shows an IBM 350 5 million character (close to 5MB)  disk being loaded onto a Pan Am flight in 1956. It was the storage unit of a 305 RAMAC and both were leased for about $3200 a month combined.

Our ability to store data has changed over the years, but the importance of the data itself remains the same.  Data – no matter how much of it you have, is critical and it must be protected.  How do you protect multiple petabytes of data when traditional backup products won’t scale this large?



By thinking differently and using the latest technologies.


Advancements in Artificial Intelligence combined with extended metadata processing are techniques being leveraged to store data across heterogeneous storage locations including disk, cloud, and LTO.  By combining these features, and re-using existing storage investments, large amounts of data can be effectively stored, managed, duplicated and retrieved at a cost that is reachable by groups and organizations that previously saw this capability as out of reach.

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