Don't gamble with your Backup and Restore
Don’t Gamble with Backup and Restore!

We have been providing Cloud Backup and Restore Services since 2003 and working with Enterprise Backup Solutions for many years prior.

There is NO one backup and restore solution that is perfect for every business. We work with many manufactures and will help you design, implement and support your solution over time.

We support Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud backup solutions and we’ve outlined each below. 

Public Cloud backup offering is owned and operated by us since about 2006. The benefits to our clients is economies of scale because infrastructure costs is spread across all our clients, allowing each client to leverage lower cost and a pay as you go model. We call this offering Backup as a Service or BaaS.

Private Cloud backup or sometimes referred to On-Premises Private Cloud backup is basically the same as the Private Cloud offering other than it’s implemented at the client’s data centers and on our client’s networks. Private Cloud enables more control of application hosting while addressing security concerns and control. They are larger environments usually of 50+TB’s and are publicly traded, Healthcare or Financial in nature. Often these client/companies have a dedicated administrator and are looking to streamline or replace their older “backup solution” for a simpler more scalable cloud like solution that provides efficiently and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Hybrid Cloud utilizes the advantages of both the Public and Private Cloud models. The Hybrid Cloud can leverage 3rd-party cloud providers in either a full or partial capacity, increasing the flexibility of computing and storage.

We will help you design, price, implement and support you overtime.

Please Contact us for more details on any of the Backup and Restore offerings.

Client Comment

“It is important that we have a reliable partner with the talent needed to diagnose and solve some of the more complex problems. I have found Dataedge response times and technical expertise to be world class. My job would be much easier if there were more companies out there with the attention to detail and customer service that I have received from the Dataedge team.”