Don't gamble with your Backup and Restore

Gambling with your data is never a good idea.

There are many backup products on the market today and there is NO one solution that is perfect for every business.


Dataedge works with the top backup software providers and will help you design, implement and support the solution that best fits your specific requirements.



As always, our first task is to listen to your particular business and technical needs.  Once we understand that, we determine which product will be the foundation for the solution and then implement it with one of the following architectures:

Dataedge started our own Public Cloud backup offering in 2006 and continue to provide this service to many of our clients.  As with any cloud structure, the benefit is in an economy of scale as infrastructure costs are spread across all our clients, allowing each to leverage lower cost with a pay as you go model and minimize management. Backup as a Service (BaaS) has become most prevalent in small to mid-range environments.

Private Cloud backup or “On-Prem” is the traditional approach with clients implementing all hardware and software in their own data centers. Some companies prefer the added control and perceived security that this configuration provides. These are most typically larger environments with a dedicated administrator.

Over the last few years, the large public cloud companies (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and others) have created storage options that can be leveraged in many ways which open up the avenue of Hybrid Cloud storage. All modern backup software in some way allows for replication or archive data to be sent to the cloud, which provides either lower cost storage and/or makes it available for cloud computing.

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Client Comment

“It is important that we have a reliable partner with the talent needed to diagnose and solve some of the more complex problems. I have found Dataedge response times and technical expertise to be world class. My job would be much easier if there were more companies out there with the attention to detail and customer service that I have received from the Dataedge team.”
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