Since 1986, Asigra has been the leading innovator in the Cloud Backup and Recovery space and with it, you can create your own Private Backup Cloud protecting your entire environment with full enterprise features.

Powered by Asigra, the Cloud Backup Experts  Dataedge has been Powered by Asigra Software since 2006.

We manage our own Asigra infrastructure and protect over 500 clients systems around the globe.  We also design and implement Enterprise Private Cloud Backup Solutions with Asigra.

Award 2014At the Asigra Summit in TORONTO – June 19, 2014, Dataedge Solutions was recognized as having the Best Private Cloud Backup and Recovery Implementation out of all of their global ecosystem of resellers.

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We would like to learn more about your backup needs, we can help you determine the best solution.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid Cloud solution

Whether you need backup services for servers, desktops, email, and databases or mobile devices including, iPads or Androids, you can do it under one management umbrella with Asigra software.

Asigra software protects all of your systems with all of the advanced features that you need for virtual servers, CDP, hot database/email, scripting, NOC, reporting, and notifications.

At Dataedge we have worked with almost every backup software on the market and find Asigra to be a mature, enterprise-minded, full-featured product. In fact, this is the product that Dataedge has chosen to use to power our public data vault.  Why?  WAN efficiency, Security, Data integrity, data de-duplication, broad O/S and application support. Those where some of the key criteria that we were looking for and Asigra fit the bill better than any other vendor.

WAN Friendly – Asigra was built with the WAN in mind – twenty-five years ago when 9600 baud modems were all that was available, efficiency in data transmission was just as important as it is today.  Keeping backup windows short and bandwidth requirements lower save you money and make data protection for mobile devices and remote locations feasible.

Security –  Asigra encrypts data with DES-256 – everyone does that.  Data is encrypted while in transit but also stays encrypted while at rest – fewer do that.  Client systems are “fingerprinted electronically” so that data can’t be restored to a different client – hardly anyone does anything like that.  What got our attention is where they go from there.  The NIST created FIPS-140, which defines security requirements for cryptography as it applies to software applications.  If desired, they will test your software and give you a certification if they can’t break your security.  Asigra has the certification but you will have trouble finding other backup vendors that do.

Data Integrity – data on the server is constantly scrubbed with Autonomic Healing processes and both server and client side data validation processes can be used.

The list can go on and on talking about data de-duplication, stored data only licensing, long-term archiving, reporting, notifications, NOC, etc.

Asigra works exclusively through hundreds of global service provider partners like Dataedge. We became an Asigra partner in 2003, creating our private vault to support our smaller clients (10GB -10TB’s in size).  In addition, we have strategic resellers who leverage our online backup service and technical resources to provide the services to their clients.

Online backup is a growing service and we take great pride in serving our clients and resellers.

To our enterprise clients and future clients with (5TB and up).  Dataedge will help you implement Asigra from design to go-live, plus support you over time.

Check out some of your Case Studies:

Kansas Banking  – 100+ old family owned focused on business and personal banking services with 4 strategic locations.

Healthcare Provider that specializes in OB/GYN care, advanced obstetric and gynecologic services. The provider has 7 doctors that utilized the technology every day and requires systems and services that are highly reliable.

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